Good Website Design vs Bad Website Design

When I think of a good website design is if said website has a certain type of fluidly to it, the kind of flow that makes going through the website that much easier and cleaner. It’s all complemented by the color choices, the type of font, how much text or images is presented and how it’s all structured together. When there is a ease to accessing all the websites tabs just by looking at it for the first time show how well the website is designed.


This Website is a good website design because of it sheer simplicity, it’s very simplistic in terms of color scheme but the lack color give the site a very clean look without any obnoxious colors, in addition to that the tabs a very easy too see with no clutter, even spacing and other similar colored text or image in the way.


This is an example of a Bad Website design, where the problem is that the site is very ugly and bland, the choice of colors do not complement each other, the font being a terrible choice with it being far to cluttered and there being too much text on one page.